The school has three Computer labs, catering to the requirements of different age groups as well as a Resource Center for teachers. Each lab can accommodate two classes at a time. The labs are equipped with computer systems supported by the most advanced software.

Junior Computer Lab

Middle Computer Lab

Senior Computer Lab

Mathematics Lab

The Maths lab provides a vibrant environment for learning by doing. 2D and 3D models displayed here helps students to cement abstract concepts through practice and observation with the help of the computers and projectors.

Language Lab

To be equipped with gadgets assisted by the most modern technologies, the language lab will be a perfect platform to harness linguistic skills of the students. Through speaking, listening and visual stimuli, the students power of expression and level of confidence get a big boost.

Social Science Lab

Learning Social Studies is made memorable with the help of charts, PPT’s and films in the lab that actually enable the students to walk back in time and relive landmark events in history or explore the unresolved mysteries of the universe. Science Laboratories.


The Physics lab is equipped with a wide variety of apparatus which supplement and strengthen concepts learnt in the classrooms. Other than models and flowcharts , a projector placed in there makes room for innovative methods of teaching scientific concepts, thus touching the inquisitiveness of the young minds.


The limitless opportunities to experiment with the reagents and chemicals in the Chemistry lab facilitate the growth of scientific temper and kindle curiosity in the students.


The environment of the Bio Lab inculcates love for all living organisms. Its holds a mirror unto the marvellous world of microbes, thus providing an impetus to the students to look for successful career options in life sciences. The lab is a home to a wide variety of specimens, ranging from a bacteria to a human skeleton.


The school has two well -stocked libraries-the Junior and the Senior which are store houses of some of most popular master pieces in English and Hindi, catering to the appetite of readers of all age groups.
The vast collection is replenished from time to time, thus making the place the most favourite destination for most students.