About St. Paul’s, Rampur


An important goal of education is to prepare children for life as adults and to impart knowledge, skills, qualities and attitudes which make themself supportive individuals and useful citizens. The new concept of work experience as envisaged by the National Policy on Education and adapted by the school, emphasis practical work to satisfy the needs of students, the school and the community.

At St. Paul’s student are the thus engaged in purposeful activities during which their identify their and others needs and acquaint themselves with the productive activities of the community. They also develop skills and sharpen their perceptions and creative abilities and proper attitudes towards regularity, love of excellence and dedication to duty along with a deep concern for the environment and commitment to the society. The more contemporary values deliver optimal educational outcomes for each individual student. The strong and diverse academic program reflects best practice for each stage of schooling.

The programmed highlights that learning is essentially and individual matter, and therefore looks to the talents, interests and needs of each student and seeks to provide learning that will best suit that individual. There is great diversity of opportunity so that student-centered learning can be provided for all. The dual structure looks at the academic development of the student.



The majestic, modern and ever expanding building blocks, with an aesthetically designed New Girls/Junior School Block and the grand layout of the school, which sprawls over 12acres of land in lush green surroundings, a great atmosphere for growth and joyful learning is ensured. School blocks Primary Block Junior/Girls Block Senior Block.